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Case Combine Harvesters are exported around the world. The multinational Case IH company, short for Case International Harvester, was founded in 1842 by Jerome Increase Case who opened the Racine Threshing Machine Works in Racine, Wisconsin.

Case Combine Harvester Model A circa 1920s

Throughout the twentieth century Case amalgamated and consolidated its position as one of the world's foremost suppliers of agricultural equipment.

In the 1920's the Case Combine Model A was advertised as 'the cheapest known method of harvesting'. The tractor-pulled Case Model A Combine featured a counterbalanced header and thresher that could fold quickly to get through farm gates.

In the 1950's Case adopted its distinctive red and white livery.

By 1977 Case had developed a major breakthrough in combine harvesting machinery. The revolutionary axial-flow rotary harvesting design was pioneered by Case in their 1440 and 1460 Case Combines, and subsequently adopted by other combine manufacturers. Threshing and grain quality were greatly improved whilst the new rotary combines were easier to maintain as they had fewer moving parts.

9230 Series Case Combine Harvester

Today Case offer the largest range of combine harvesters on the planet including six axial-flow combines. The largest of these is the mighty 571 horsepower Case 9230 Combine Harvester.