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Modern Claas combines demonstrate the very best in German precision engineering.

August Claas

The story of Claas combine harvesters really began in 1913 when August Claas took over his father's agricultural machinery business. The following year he set up the family firm Gebruder Claas with his brothers in Clarholz, Germany.

In 1928 Claas introduced a straw baler that could be attached to a stationery threshing machine.

By 1936 the firm had developed a tractor-drawn combine harvester aimed specifically at the European farm market.

Through the war years Claas continued to work on their new cross-axial flow Claas Super Combine Harvester design which was a commercial success, going through several revisions in subsequent years.

Hercules Claas Combine Harvester

Then, in 1953, in response to a growing demand for agricultural efficiency, the company produced their first self-propelled combine harvester, known as Hercules. In the early 1960s Claas were making an incredible 16,000 combine harvesters per year and rolling out new and bigger models such as the Claas Matador, Senator and Dominator.

In more recent times Claas continue to manufacture highly rated tractors, balers and forage harvesters, but it is for their Lexion Combine Harvesters that the firm are best known today. From around 1997 to the early 2000s these were marketed as Caterpillar CAT Lexion in the USA.

The modern Claas Lexion Combine Harvester is produced in several series and can be fitted with a wide array of cutterbars that offer extra versatility in harvesting.

Claas Lexion Combine Harvester