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New Holland Combine Harvester

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John Deere Combine Harvester

John Deere Combine Harvesters

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Ever since the first horse-drawn combine harvester was invented in America in the 1830's the combine has powered a revolution in modern farming.

Horse Drawn Combine Harvester

Combining and mechanising the previously distinct and very labour intensive tasks of cutting corn, threshing grain and separating wheat from chaff, the combine harvester had a monumental impact on a rural way of life that had remained little changed for centuries.

Today's combines allow an operator to accomplish in one day a harvesting job that in earlier times would have taken a whole gang of farm labourers many weeks.

Modern combine harvesters offer great versatility with headers that can be relatively easily changed to harvest a variety of crops including wheat, barley, maize, beans, oilseed rape, rice and sunflower.

Modern Combine Harvester Cab

On board computers help maximize yield whilst the combine driver benefits from satellite navigation, panoramic views and air conditioning as standard.

The four largest makers of combine harvesters in the world today are John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Claas and Case. These multinational manufacturers ship combines to farmers worldwide.

With the growing global demand for food commodities, never before has the combine harvester been in such demand nor so productive.