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Massey Ferguson

These days Massey Ferguson combine harvesters are exported to farmers and contractors all around the world.

But the company began life with rather more provincial surroundings in Newcastle Ontario, Canada. Founders Daniel Massey and Alanson Harris were both making agricultural equipment before joining forces in 1891.

When the merged company Massey Harris manufactured a very early self-propelled combine in 1938 it was an instant success.

Meanwhile talented engineer Harry Ferguson was developing technological advances in the plough, tractor and three point hitch in England.

In 1953 Massey Harris Ltd merged with Harry Ferguson Ltd. By 1958 the company was known simply as Massey Ferguson, the iconic agricultural machinery brand we know today.

Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester circa 1950s

Such was the company's success that by the late 1950s an incredible 90% of self propelled combine harvesters in the UK were made by Massey Ferguson.

In modern times Massey Ferguson have been at the forefront in developing new combine harvesters to harvest a wider variety of crops for farmers worldwide.

Today Massey Ferguson produce a range of combine harvesters of varying horse power and grain capacities. Top of the pile is the Massey Ferguson Delta 9280 with a massive 500 hp and 10,500 litre grain capacity.

Massey Ferguson 9280 Combine Harvester