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Today New Holland is a much-acclaimed and world renowned combine harvester brand.

But the beginings of the brand are less well known. The company takes its name from New Holland, Pennsylvania where in 1903 pioneering engineer Abe Zimmerman founded the New Holland Machine Company.

New Holland manufactured several innovative agricultural machines, culminating with the release of the ground-breaking haybine mower-conditioner in 1947.

The haybine was basically a harvesting header that could easily be pulled behind a tractor. Incredibly, Zimmerman's New Holland haybine mower conditioners are still manufactured and sold today.

Subsequent developments in combine harvester technology were piecemeal until the revolutionary New Holland twin-rotor combine harvester was released in 1974.

More recently a controlling interest in combine behemoth New Holland was purchased by Fiat from previous owner Ford.

Nowadays New Holland make an enviable range of award winning rotary and conventional combine harvesters from the New Holland CX5080 series combine harvester, through the CX5090, CX6080 and CX6090 to the mighty CX8000 series combine.

The New Holland CX8000 Combine Harvester.